Ashgrove Acupuncture and Massage

Maurizio Bontempi is a leading acupuncture and massage practitioner in Brisbane’s inner west.

With 17 years of practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Maurizio will apply a personal approach to suit any need.

The clinic is easily accessible in Ashgrove, and is taking bookings now.

Location and Booking

Acupuncture and massage are both ancient healing practice with a wide range of physical and mental health benefits.

Muscular aches and pains, back and neck problems. Stress, anxiety and mood disorder are just a few examples. Click here for more details.

Acupuncture is easy and painless. You will be surprised at the results this holistic approach to health can achieve.

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Acupuncture Massage Brisbane

What does it involve?

If you haven’t had an acupuncture treatment before you might be worried about pain or discomfort, how many appointments you might need, or about the effectiveness of the treatment.

Being in private practice in Brisbane since 1999, your clinician Maurizio can put your mind at rest. He has studied Chinese acupuncture extensively, and embraced its holistic philosophy.

Find out more about what to expect at your initial consultation here, about conditions treated, or about Maurizio himself.

If you have a question or enquiry, or you’d like to book an appointment with Ashgrove Acupuncture and Massage:

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As we cultivate the earth, we cultivate our health

"I see myself as cultivating health with my clients rather than curing or fixing their problems"

Maurizio Bontempi believes cultivating health and tomatoes has a lot in common.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy is deeply rooted in nature and the universal laws that governs it. TCM provides an exceptionally versatile framework to describe and understand the energies we call tensions or unpleasant thoughts or pleasant feelings and how to work with them.

The energies of the seasons, of our environment, of our food as well as our own energy are all interconnected and therefore influence each other.

Like an experienced gardener, TCM show us how to cultivate our health beyond the absence of disease in to crafting an exceptionally healthy life. Like TCM, gardening provides an ideal framework to learn how to cultivate our health.

Ashgrove Acupuncture and Massage Contact Details and Booking

Phone or text: 0403 200 197

Location: 50 Weatherhead Avenue Ashgrove, QLD, 4060.  Scroll down to see map.

Times: Monday to Friday. 8.30 am – 5.30 pm

If you’d like to make an appointment or if you have a question or general enquiry please call or text: 0403 200 197


Combination of Acupuncture, Massage and / or other modalities as required.

Appointment length30 Mins60 Mins90 Mins
Regular Fee$65.00$115.00$160.00
Pensioners / concession card holder$55.00$95.00$140.00

New clients: Please allow between 1 and 1 ½ hour for the initial visit.

The clinic provide HICAPS and EFTPOS facility.

Ashgrove Acupuncture

Ashgrove Acupuncture and Massage Clinic – location and times

50 Weatherhead Avenue, Ashgrove, QLD 4060

Monday to Friday. 8.30 am – 5,.30 pm. Texting 0403 200 197 is the quickest way to reach me.

Parking is usually not an issue. Please ONLY park in front of our block, on either side of the Street is fine. When available or if you request it at the time of booking you can also park in the undercover carport adjacent to the clinic.

Clients with children: If you have young children is sometimes difficult to organise for childcare while you have your treatment. If you think your children would be able to entertain themselves for the length of your treatment without disturbing our session, you are welcome to bring them to the Ashgrove acupuncture clinic. Please be aware that your child would be unattended while you have your treatment.