Acupuncture Treatment, Massage and Herbal Medicine explained

Acupuncture at the Ashgrove clinic

Acupuncture treatment is effective for an extremely broad range of health issues. Following is a brief description of the most common types of conditions i see in the clinic.

The vast majority of the clients I see suffer from musculoskeletal or tress-related issues:

Musculoskeletal issues such as joints pain, soft tissue inflammation, tension, stiffness. Most common areas being: Lower back (sciatica), hips, neck, shoulders, knees and elbows.

Stress-related issues such as sleep disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of motivation, fatigue, headaches and mood disorders.

Acupuncture Treatment Brisbane

Clients can see me as much as they feel my work is helping them along their journey, but I cant walk their Healing journey for them.

About acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), an ancient form of healing supported by over 2000 years of documented history.

TCM principles evolved through meticulous observation of nature and of the universal laws that govern change and creation. It stands the test of time, it adapts to all cultures and can be used effectively to address many imbalance.

Qi or vital energy is the core of TCM philosophy. When Qi flows smoothly throughout the body, there is no pain, we are creative, effective and dynamic, we spontaneously  express all our emotions in a healthy way and thus have a joyful and fulfilling life.

At times the free flow of Qi can become obstructed by either external factors (e.g. trauma, sudden weather change) or internal factors (e.g. diet, unexpressed emotions).

By using  fine, sterilised, single use needles which are inserted at specific points on the body, acupuncture enhances a smooth flow of energy throughout the body enhancing a sense of well being and relaxation.

A number of recent studies found acupuncture to be twice as effective as conventional care for treating chronic low back pain. Acupuncture is also known to be much safer especially considering that chronic low back pain is a leading reason people take opioid pain medications.  For more info about these studies click on study n. 1  and study n. 2

Probably the most comprehensive study ever done in regard to the effectiveness of acupuncture, looked across literature world wide with a focus on systematic reviews and meta analyses (the highest form of evidence available)  and fund evidence of acupuncture effectiveness for 117 conditions. Amongst these: Chronic low back pain – Headaches (Tension type and chronic) – Migraine prophylaxis – Knee osteoarthritis – Postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting – Allergic rhinitis (perennial and seasonal) – Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. For more detailed information read the 2017 Acupuncture Evidence Project

About Herbal Medicine

Referred to as “internal medicine” herbs make up the greatest part of both Eastern and Western medical history.

When appropriately prescribed, herbal medicine is free from unwanted side-effects and is useful for treating most conditions.

Your tailor-made TCM herbal formulas are prepared by one of the best herbal dispensary in Australia using concentrated extracts (granules/powdered) and delivered directly to you.


About Massage

Massage is the oldest known healing art predating all orthodox and complementary therapies.

Massage works on physical, mental and emotional levels, restoring balance & harmony to a troubled mind and a tense body.

I use a combination of Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) & Tui-Nà (Chinese acupressure).

These massage techniques naturally stimulate the body’s natural healing power and helps to prevent and treats musculoskeletal conditions as well as speeding up recovery from injury.

Pressure and other methods of stimulation are applied to acupuncture points and along meridians to enhance the free flow of Qi/energy throughout the body by removing the energy blockages that are causing pain or discomfort.

Massage allows to feel irregularities in the skin (hot/cold – damp/dry), in the muscles (tensed/ flaccid) and in the body’s response (softening/contracting) and by adjusting the treatment accordingly, each massage is both diagnostic and therapeutic.

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