Brisbane Gardening Therapy workshops

Brisbane Gardening Therapy Workshop

As an outdoor activity, providing exercise for the body, producing healthy food to eat and providing a grounding and calming effect on our minds, gardening is without any doubt an affordable and effective activity to stay fit and healthy.

Maurizio Bontempi believes that gardening is a fantastic activity for cultivating health. With his Brisbane Gardening Therapy workshops he shows you how to bring this into your life.

As a therapist and a gardener I see and feel the therapeutic benefits of gardening in so many ways. I often find myself making analogies with my clients about our “inner garden” and our “outer garden”.

Indeed when we look at health issues associated with the turmoil in our “inner garden”, our struggles, stresses and fears, the analogies are a perfect match.

As mentioned in my clinical approach health is something we cultivate with every choice we make every day in what we eat, we think, we do.

Cultivating our health, when consciously and skilfully undertaken, becomes a life long path in which our healing process unfolds and deepens as we walk it.

Today more than ever there is a need to cultivate an healthy and balanced relationship with our body, mind and soul as we are constantly engaged in multiple tasks and easily distracted by an overstimulating world.

To cultivate our garden is “to know our garden”… know our soil, our climate, the space we have, the time we can comfortably dedicate to it. Is to understand our driving forces (energies) such as our expectations, our intent, what we are attracted to and what we struggle with or what resistance we might have in feeling satisfied with what it is.

Is about observing, experimenting, becoming intimate with our inner and outer garden as well as our connection with mother earth.

Cultivating our garden is an art and, as with every art, it depends on a process. It requires passion, perseverance, attention to details and mentoring. The final outcome is nothing but the unique manifestation of our process with the addition of nature’s own touch.

Gardening provides the ideal ground to practice the qualities required to “cultivate”. These qualities are the same as those required to cultivate our health, our relationships or our breath.  Gardening is just more forgiving, more fun and we can enjoy the fruits of our applied effort.

These workshop are aimed at exploring the many different aspects required to cultivate a sense of enjoyment in cultivating our garden. What would make our idea of growing veggies in to a long term and rewarding cultivating experience.

I am not a qualified horticulturist but I love working with mother earth and playing with nature. While sharing about my gardening experience, I hope to encourage you to explore yours.

Gardening Workshop Details

The workshops are hands on with time for discussion and will be tailored to the group’s needs.

A list of what to bring and the accurate starting time will be sent to you with your confirmation of attendance.

Groups are limited to 5 people and ONLY by appointment. If you are interested please contact me.

  • When: Variable dates through the year
  • Where: 50 Weatherhead Av. Ashgrove QLD 4060.
  • Time: from 6.00- 7.00 am (depending on the season) for 2-3 hours.
  • Please enquire by texting me on 0403 200 197.