What to expect from your acupuncture, massage & Chinese herbs session

My treatment plan

My initial priority is always to help resolve or at least get comfortable with the presenting acute symptoms so that the client can get some relief and a decent night sleep.

Taking the edge off an inflamed sciatic nerve, or providing some peace to a restless mind.

This might require a one or two sessions per week for 1 or 2 weeks.

As we transition from the acute phase in to a managing plan, my priority shifts from me taking care of the client’s health to educating and supporting people in cultivating their health.

Cultivating our health requires an ongoing monitoring of the situation to detect and prevent imbalances before they become “problems”.

This usually means a regular sessions every 3 to 6 weeks. With periods requiring more or less work according to the individual needs and circumstances.

When it comes to health maintenance I tell clients they can see me as much as they feel my work is helping them along their journey, but I can’t walk the Healing journey for them

For me is important that clients take an interested responsibility in their health. This means noticing, listening and connecting with their body, mind and soul and attending to them as needed.

It means choosing to be healthy and choosing to do what is required for our healing according to where we are in that particular moment in out life. Our exercise, our diet, our sleep but also our interests, our relationship with our self and with others all play an important role in our “feeling healthy”.

Acupuncture, massage & Chinese Herbs: a personal approach..

In your session I will give you my undivided attention and I will only charge for the time I spend with you.

I use a combination of acupuncture, remedial massage, mindfulness and breathing techniques in the treatment of pain and stress related issues.

When required i also use suction cups, Gua Sha (scraping), Moxibustion (heat therapy) as well as providing lifestyle and TCM dietary advice.

I am not a big fan of supplements as I believe we can get enough of what we need through a balanced and healthy diet. Nevertheless if, after re assessing your progress we decide something else is needed, I will prescribe Chinese herbs specifically for your condition.

These tailor-made herbal formulas are prepared by one of the best herbal dispensary in Australia using concentrated extracts (granules/powdered) and delivered directly to you.

Click here to visit my herbal dispensary herbbooth.com.au.

Come and check for yourself how we might be able to work together in cultivating your health. How?

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