Cultivating our Breath

Posted on May 18, 2016 in Blog
Cultivating our Breath

Our breath is not only our life companion it is also a messenger constantly and meticulously reflecting what is going on in our body and/or mind.

Past or future breaths are of no value to our life. Unless we are able to breath “now” past breaths cannot sustain our life and future breaths wont happen.

Cultivating our Breath: While we are alive, we can remember past experiences or we can dream of future scenarios, but like breathing, life can only be lived in the present moment, everything else is a memory or a dream.

Similarly, our healing process is of value only in the moment we are connected with it and connecting with our breath helps us to connect with our healing process.

In my practice, when appropriate, I guide clients in connecting with and exploring their breath. Bringing qualities (another way to describe how we can activate our energy/Qi) like curiosity and gentleness to our breathing, noticing how our breath, body, thoughts and feelings are all interconnected (in fact they are all different manifestations of our Qi).

Observing how, the kind of intent we set out when we explore our breath, act as catalyst in the constant transformation, not only of our breath, but of anything that becomes the object of our attention. Connecting with the “letting go” quality of our outbreath, for instance, can ease so much of our body tensions and mind struggles.

These breathing explorations, help us to connect with what’s happening within our self and helps us to understand our Qi by noticing this energy in action right now with “this” breath.

This provides an opportunity to notice the ever-changing nature of our breath, body, thoughts and feelings, how they come about, how they transform and helps us not to identify our self with it.

The benefits of cultivating our breath and a wise relationship with it are crucial for our healing.