Our intention as medicine

Posted on Apr 30, 2016 in Blog
Our intention as medicine

With energies such as struggle, tension, resistance (all form of Qi stagnation) acupuncture, massage and herbs helps a lot and people walks away feeling great.

Sometimes the shift in energy is enough to resolve the issue and for people to take a different path. Sometimes though, for a lasting healing to occur there needs to be an awareness of how these energies works.

When our intent is to get rid of some thoughts, the energy “wanting to get rid of” is activated in opposition to the other energy we don’t like or want (the thoughts produced by our mind). These opposing and contracting energies, both activated within our self, can only lead to further internal contraction, friction or tension resulting in our energy being consumed.

For example, when our intent is rooted in wanting to change or get rid of something, we might notice how the “letting go” quality and energy of the out breath might “feel” as a dissonance. We might notice qualities or energies such as resistance, closing up to or struggling with being caught up with some expected outcomes.

On the other hand if our intent is to observe, listen, explore and recognize in order to become familiar with our physical, mental and emotional landscape. If we listen with an open mind and open heart to what’s going on, where, how and why those energies activates, manifests and in response to what?

For example, when our intent is rooted in an interesting  curiosity and gentle awareness we might notice how the “letting go” quality/energy of the out breath might resonate with qualities such as opening up to or easing in to or letting it just be as it is.

Opening up to our experience for what it is. Trusting and allowing the process as something we can learn from.. allows the force which is the object of our attention to transform in its own way rather than according to our expectation or likes/dislikes.

The more we observe our internal energies/forces, the more familiar we become with our own mental, emotional and physical landscape and the more we learn about our self. We start to notice the coming and playing, transforming and going of our thoughts, feelings, habits and, very important, what leads to what.

We might notice peace as a result of the absence of struggle. We might notice acceptance and compassion as a result of opening up to our grief. We might notice relaxation as a result of letting go of tension. We might notice the absence of a “winning” feeling, because there is no more battle.

We might notice a deep ease, and within this ease we find a space we can rest.