Mindfulness. Cultivating and befriending our mind

Posted on Apr 2, 2016 in Blog
Mindfulness. Cultivating and befriending our mind

Can we change our unhealthy habits? Can we reshape our body, regenerate our organs or change our character?

Of course we can, indeed that’s what happens all the time, Life is change. Our thoughts, choices and actions stems from the habits we have, consciously or unconsciously, cultivated. These habits not only shapes our current body form and chemistry but also our life ahead of us.

Our thoughts, our feelings, our character, are constantly transforming. Habits (mind and body traits) either get stronger or they gradually loose their momentum and are replaced by new habits.

The more we fall back in to unhealthy habits, the more we “walk” that particular mental groove, the deeper the groove becomes and the less visibility we have of the endless possibilities available to us.

The process of wisely cultivating our Qi and our health, starts with becoming familiar with our current habits. It starts with an interesting curiosity and a gentle awareness in what’s happening right now. It starts by observing and listening in order to understand the energies that shapes our life and the world around us. It starts by being mindful of our habits constantly at work, often in the back of our mind.

Life is change. Therefore until we are alive, change is inevitable and beyond our control …. apart from one thing, the attitude (or intention) with which we choose to relate to change and to life.

Many factors influence the outcome of our choices, all of them are beyond our control. Our true intent, not what we think our intent is, nor what we say it is, but what it really is, is the only energy we can choose to activate and the single most powerful and reliable catalyst that can (and will) make a difference in the outcome of our choices, in our healing process, in our growth and in our future. Always did and always will.

The intent behind our choices determines the way we see, interpret and relate to our reality, which in turn creates our reality. When we add up everyone individual reality we are crafting for our self, we shape the reality of humanity and earth.

When we add up the 7 billions reality we are constantly crafting for our self, we shape the reality of humanity and earth.

Mindfulness provides the opportunity to become aware of our habits, our reactions, and our intentions so we can cultivate the right conditions for healthy changes in our inner and outer garden.